A love for creating one-of-a-kind experiences for guests of any event.

Meg Beedle fell in love with the wedding industry interning for Engaging Affairs the summer before her senior year at Georgetown. While trying to pick which aspect of the business she was most interested in, she found her niche in the world of welcome bags. Although she loved the planning and day-of side of weddings, she realized that DC lacked a source for welcome bags. Having somebody to take away the extra frustration of putting together snacks for out-of-town guests in those hectic weeks just before the wedding helped not only brides and grooms but planners and hotels. She decided to launch her own business exclusively making welcome bags to find ways to make the process easier and more efficient for clients and to create lower cost options to help them stay within their budget.

While doing welcome bags on your own can be a fun pre-wedding project, it requires a lot of time researching what to buy, finding the best place to buy each item and then putting it all together in bags. Making welcome bags at home also means that you are almost always left with random extra items from buying things in sets. For brides and grooms who don’t want to spend time thinking about what to put in their custom bag, pre-made bags not only eliminate that extra design time but decrease the price by allowing you to only pay for what you use and not spend money on the leftover items.


Meg Beedle Portriat
Wedding gift basket full of custom packed snacks.

Images by Rodney Bailey.

We work with clients to find the perfect pre-made bag for them or to help them design their own bag. All pre-made bags come in an appropriately sized glossy white bag with your choice of colored tissue paper. You also pick the colors for your personalized welcome bag sticker and design your own welcome letter. For custom bags, we come up with a list of ideas for you based on your venue, wedding theme, the season, and other information about you as a couple. Then once you decide on what goes into your bags, we’ll work on picking welcome letters, stickers, tissue paper and the bags themselves (or some other fun container).

All orders for both pre-made and custom bags should be placed four weeks before the pickup or delivery date. For custom bags, the design process should begin at least a couple weeks before placing the order so we have time to explore all of your options. Delivery fees start at $75 for up to two DC hotels and venues and are adjusted on a case by case basis for delivery to more locations or to locations outside of our delivery zone. There is a minimum purchase of 20 bags per order.