Affordable wedding welcome bags with custom stickers and itineraries.

Save money and time by choosing one of our expertly sourced pre-made welcome bags with the perfect combination of seasonal snacks and treats that your guests are sure to enjoy. Pick your favorite bag, choose your tissue, approve your sticker and itinerary design and let us take care of the rest. We make sure your guests’ first impression of your big day is nothing short of exceptional.

The Basic bag with ships, chocolate, peanuts, shortbread, mints and waters.
The Spring/Summer bag with chips, lemonade, nut mix, chocolates, chapstick and waters.
The Fall/Winter bag with apple chips, Izze apple, nut mix, chocolates, a candle and waters.
~Route 11 Potato Chips
~Feridies’ Virginia Peanuts
~Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
~Mini Altoid Mints
~Shortbread Cookies
~Spring Nut Mix
~Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips
~Daisy Foiled Chocolates
~ChapStick with SPF 15
~San Pellegrino Lemonade
~Fuji Apple Chips
~Fall Nut Mix
~Leaf Foiled Chocolates
~Fall or Winter Scented Votive
~Izze Sparkling Apple Juice

*All bags include:
-2 water bottles with a two pack of Advil attached
*Upgrade to Fiji water for $3 per bag
-Custom welcome letter for each bag
-Custom sticker with names of couple and wedding date
-A white bag with your choice of colored tissue paper

Orders must be placed four weeks before pickup or delivery date. Delivery fees start at $75 for DC hotels and venues and may increase for more than two delivery locations or for locations outside of DC. 20 bag minimum per order.