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Over the past few years, wedding welcome gifts have come into vogue. More and more couples are choosing to welcome their guests to their wedding with a thank you gift to show how much they appreciate out of town guests traveling to the big event. Here is a break down of everything you need to know about wedding welcome gifts including who they go to, what to put in them, how to package them, and where to deliver them.

Who Gets Them

Wedding welcome gifts are traditionally given to all out of town guests at your wedding. So this means anybody who has reserved a hotel room and traveled to come. They are normally tied with hotel room blocks, which are the best ways to determine how many out of guests you have and where they are all staying (more on this later). However, if you have guests staying in tons of different locations all over the city, who didn’t reserve in your hotel room block, you don’t need to try and give a gift to everybody. Sometimes you might want to make extra gifts for special members of the bridal party who didn’t travel to the wedding, especially if they are getting a room at the hotel even though they live close by. You might even want an extra gift for yourself!

What Goes Inside

The great thing about wedding welcome gifts is that you can completely personalize them with the contents. They can be a great way to add some piece of your history as a couple that you didn’t manage to include in the rest of the event. From snacks and treats from local vendors to products that are specific to your hometowns or favorite vacation spots, the sky is the limit for what to put inside your gifts. This also means you can create a great and personalized wedding welcome gift at a number of different price points. Decide how much you want to spend and then pick a theme for your welcome gift to help decide what to include. Overall, you should try to have something to drink, something to eat (I like including both sweet and savory options) and an itinerary and welcome letter to give your guests helpful information about the big day and where they need to be.

How To Package Them

Once you decide what you want to put inside of your wedding welcome gifts, you have to pick their packaging. I believe that if you want to make a welcome gift for your guests, you should commit to spending the money and time to make them look great or just skip doing them. They aren’t something that is worth not doing well. Packaging is one of the most important parts of this. Make sure you use quality packaging. Welcome gifts come as boxes, bags and a variety of other containers so you have plenty of options to pick from. Decide the overall look of the gift that you want and the experience you want your guest to have when they open it. Also think about your price point. Some packaging is more expensive than others. For quality boxes and bags for wedding welcome gifts as well as tissue and shred, check out Bags and Bows.

How To Deliver Them

As I mentioned earlier, it can be hard to give every one of your out of town guests a wedding welcome gift if they are staying in hotels across the city. You should only feel obligated to give them to guests who are staying in the hotel room blocks that you reserved. Contact the representatives at the hotels and get the list of who is staying there along with the day they check in. Then you can figure out how many gifts go to each hotel and when you need to get them there so your guests receive them when they arrive. Some hotels will charge you to hand them out to guests as they check in and almost all will charge you to deliver them to their room before they arrive. If you have a bunch of extra guests that you want to make sure get a welcome gift but who are staying in a different hotel or with family or friends who live locally, consider bringing extra to your welcome party or reception the night before the wedding.

Wedding welcome gifts are a thoughtful and personalized way to welcome your out of town guests to your wedding. You can easily customize them with snacks and treats to highlight fun and interesting things about you and your spouse as a couple as well as pick packaging that highlights your overall wedding theme. There are also a number of different ways you can get them to your guests from hotel delivery to bringing them to the welcome reception. Now that you have a better understand of what wedding welcome gifts are, you can start thinking about how they might fit into your wedding.

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